Monday, May 2, 2016

15 Recent Developments in Employment Law

Last week, I presented 15 Recent Developments in Employment Law to the Healthcare Human Resources Association of Central Pennsylvania in Altoona. I've done similar programs for them in the past (obviously, different "recent" events depending on the timing of the presentation).

You can download the slides for the latest version here. It's a fun presentation that runs through 15 recent developments in about 90 minutes. I just spend a few minutes touching on each subject to convey the high-level gist of it, and then move on. Here's the list of 15:

1. Medical marijuana comes to Pennsylvania;
2. The Primary Benefit Test for lunch break compensation;
3. The new "Persuader Rule";
4. EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch (religious discrimination in hiring);
5. EEOC now filing sexual orientation discrimination lawsuits;
6. New EEOC policy of releasing employer’s position statements to complainants;
7. New NLRB joint employer test;
8. The "ambush" election rule;
9. Proposed rule changes to the FLSA overtime exemptions;
10. The impact of Justice Scalia's death on employment law;
11. Young v. UPS (pregnancy accommodation);
12. New EEOC retaliation guidance;
13. Transgender employee issues;
14. Electronic signatures on union authorization cards; and
15. Tyson Foods v. Bouaphakeo (use of statistical evidence in wage and hour cases).

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