Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Updated Chart: EEOC Charge Statistics 1997-2018

The EEOC recently released its updated charge statistics for FY2018. You know what that means . . . updated chart!

Charges are down across the board for the second year in a row. Over two years, we've seen some fairly significant drops. For example, race-based charges are down 23.9% since 2016.

What about the #MeToo movement? Has that had an impact on harassment claims? Let's go to the numbers:

Charges Alleging Sex-Based Harassment (Charges filed with EEOC)FY 2010 - FY 2018

2010 7,944
2011 7,809
2012 7,571
2013 7,256
2014 6,862
2015 6,822
2016 6,758
2017 6,696
2018 7,609

We see that the number of charges in 2018 was actually lower than 2010 and 2011. But, we also see a 13.6% jump from last year, and in a year in which all of the types of discrimination in the chart above decreased, that's noteworthy. Also, the percentage of claims filed by men (15.9%) was the lowest on the chart (going back to 2010). I think that's a pretty compelling case that #MeToo has had an impact. 

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