Friday, March 27, 2020

More FFCRA Q&A from DOL

Still rolling in folks . . . a new and expanded Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Questions and Answers. They hit a lot of the questions that I've been getting from employers:
  • Yes, employees can take paid sick leave intermittently. 
  • Yes, employees can take EFMLA leave intermittently, but only with their employers' permission;
  • No, employees who have already been sent home due to a closed worksite (whether due to lack of business or shutdown order) are not eligible;
  • No double-dipping between paid leave and UC;
  • It looks like the ability to "telework" is based on the discretion (see Qs 17, 18, 19), notably  17. When am I able to telework under the FFCRA? You may telework when your employer permits or allows you to perform work while you are at home or at a location other than your normal workplace.
Great resource from the DOL. 

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