Friday, August 28, 2020

FFCRA guidance on hybrid and virtual schooling

DOL once again updated its ever-expanding list of FFCRA questions and answers. The new ones address remote (virtual) learning and hybrid options. 

The guidance is pretty straightforward - If your child is not permitted to attend school in-person, then you are eligible for FFCRA leave (assuming you meet the other criteria). For example, if your child alternates between days attending in-person and days participating virtually, then you are eligible on the days they attend remotely. 

Not official use.

Here's a controversial take from the DOL though - If you have a choice between in-person and remote learning, and choose the remote option, then you are not eligible (even if you made that choice out of fear that your child will contract or bring home COVID). 

See Questions 98-100 for details. 

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