Wednesday, November 18, 2020

New orders from Gov. Wolf / Dr. Levine

Sorry for the brief hiatus, folks. I think I was suffering from a little election fatigue. I expect to be back in the flow after Thanksgiving. For now, "enjoy" these two new orders from Governor Wolf and Dr. Levine that may impact your workplace:

Traveler Testing

Just in time for Thanksgiving! People coming into Pennsylvania from another state (whether traveling to, or returning to, Pennsylvania) are required to either (a) get a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to entering PA; or (b) quarantining for 72 hours 14 Days (updated on 11/18/2020) (sidenote: perhaps some FFCRA implications here?). Full order

Strengthened Masking

  • Masks are required to be worn indoors and outdoors if you are away from your home. 
  • When outdoors, a mask must be worn if you are not able to remain physically distant (at least 6 feet away) from someone not in your household the entire time you are outdoors. 
  • When indoors, masks will now be required even if you are physically distant from members not in your household. This means that even if you are able to be 6 feet apart, you will need to wear a mask while inside if with people other than members of your household. 
  • This order applies to every indoor facility, including homes, retail establishments, gyms, doctors’ offices, public transportation, and anywhere food is prepared, packaged or served.
Of course, there are exceptions:
  • If wearing a face covering while working would create an unsafe condition in which to operate equipment or execute a task as determined by local, state, or federal regulators or workplace safety guidelines. 
  • If wearing a face covering would either cause a medical condition, or exacerbate an existing one, including respiratory issues that impede breathing, a mental health condition or a disability. 

  • When necessary to confirm the individual’s identity. 
  • While obtaining a service that requires the temporary removal of the face covering, such as dental services. 
  • When working alone and isolated from interaction with other people with little or no expectation of in-person interaction. 
  • If an individual is communicating or seeking to communicate with someone who is hearing-impaired or has another disability, where the ability to see the mouth is essential for communication.

Other Guidance

We also got two industry-specific memos:

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