Saturday, July 24, 2021

Lawffice Space has moved to MailChimp (make sure I'm not going to your spam folder)!

Google is shutting down Feedburner email subscription service, which I have used since launching Lawffice Space 12 years ago. So, I transferred all of the email subscribers over to MailChimp. Everything should be pretty much the same on your end (except a slightly prettier email). 

Make sure your Lawffice Space emails are not going to your spam folder! If you're reading this in your email - congratulations, you're all set! If you are reading this on the website after 7/25/2021 at 8:00 AM and you haven't received an email... then there's a problem. Check your spam folder (or email me at and I'll check on it).

Massive thanks to Cascade Valley Designs for the invaluable walkthrough: Moving Subscribers Away from Feedburner and into MailChimp.  

Finally, if you're not an email subscriber... what are you waiting for!? Just visit Lawffice Space and enter your email address and hit "Subscribe."

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