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Philip K. Miles III
Pennsylvania Attorney
Labor & Employment Law - Civil Litigation

I'm Phil Miles, the creator of Lawffice Space. About me: 

Contact Information:
Phone: 814.238.4926
Address: 811 University Drive, State College, PA 16801
Twitter: @philipmiles

I tried to make a list of all of the different types of labor and employment law matters I have participated in. Here's what I came up with:

·         Unemployment Compensation Benefits
o   Referee Hearings
o   Appeals to the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review (UCBR)
o   Appeals to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania
·         Unemployment Compensation Taxation
o   Negotiation with Office of UC Tax Services (OUCTS)
·         Wage and Hour Claims (FLSA, PWPCL)
o   Litigation
o   U.S. Department of Labor Investigations
Class and collective action litigation 
·         Discrimination and Retaliation (disparate treatment, disability reasonable accommodation, harassment)
o   Litigation
o   EEOC and PHRC Charges
o   EEOC Administrative Law Judge trial
·         Arbitration
o   Grievance arbitration under a collective bargaining agreement (CBA)
o   Compulsory arbitration in Pennsylvania state courts
·         Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
o   Litigation
·         Contracts
o   Drafting and negotiating
o   Litigation
o   Restrictive covenants (noncompete, nondisclosure, nonsolicitation)
·         Labor Disputes
o   Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (PLRB)
o   Arbitration
o   Collective bargaining support
·         Compliance
o   Consultation with clients
o   Employee handbooks and policies
o   Employee and management training
o   Legal research
·         Constitutional law
o   Litigation
o   First Amendment (free speech)
o   Fourteenth Amendment (equal protection, substantive due process, procedural due process)
o   Fourth Amendment (malicious prosecution)
·         University Law
o   Title IX
o   Constitutional law
o   Tenure denial
o   Public Employe Relations Act (PERA)
·         Employee Benefits
o   Disability insurance claims