Monday, June 22, 2009

Chart of EEOC Claims Data

Tonight's entry is a visual one. Using EEOC statistics, I plotted the number of claims from FY 1997 to FY 2008 organized by type of discrimination.

Note: ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act; and ADEA is the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Also, the claims may be concurrent (i.e. one person may allege discrimination on, for example, race and sex).

A few things that stick out:
  • Every category trends upward
  • ADEA claims shot up like crazy last year
  • ADEA is the only cateory to "pass" another category (passing ADA in 2000)
A few predictions:
  • The ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA) will lead to a surge in ADA claims
  • The ADEA will continue to rise dramatically
  • 2009 will be a record year

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