Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do Smartphones Increase Productivity?

Last week, I had two hearings scheduled a few hours apart in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. It didn't make sense to come back to the office between them, so I was stuck in my mobile office (aka my car) with some free time. I spent a good bit of time pouring over the file for my afternoon hearing, but in retrospect, I also got a lot done with my iPhone:

  • After the morning hearing, I sat in my car and used Dragon Dictation on my iPhone to dictate a memo about that hearing. Then I emailed it to myself so when I got back to the office it was ready to paste into a Word memo form and deliver.
  • I took some pictures of the Huntingdon County Courthouse for the Pennsylvania Courthouses Photo Album (they'll be added to the album soon!).
  • Then I pulled up my contacts and retrieved the number for opposing counsel in a case we've been working to settle. I called him up and talked about the case and a hearing that was scheduled for the following week.
  • I used Google Voice Search to find the nearest McDonald's and then used Maps to get there (OK, I don't know if that counts as "productivity" but I wanted some McGriddles, and I barely function without coffee).
  • I sat in McDonald's and retrieved an email with a 50-page .pdf attachment of a contract I'm reviewing. I was able to review it from my phone right there.
So, do smartphones increase productivity? Seems that way to me!

Posted by Philip Miles, an attorney with McQuaide Blasko in State College, Pennsylvania in the firm's civil litigation and labor and employment law practice groups.

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