Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NFL v. Players Association - NLRB Complaint

I'm still recovering from watching my beloved Steelers lose the Super Bowl, and I'm already getting worried about next season. If you haven't heard, labor relations seem a little rocky these days. Yesterday, the League filed an unfair labor practice charge over the Players Association's plan to decertify (NBC Sports).

For the technical details, here's a copy of the actual Complaint. Credit where it's due, Seth Borden and Labor Relations Today have great coverage and provided the Complaint in NFL Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against NFLPA. The specific charges include delaying the scheduling of bargaining sessions, failing to respond in a timely and/or meaningful manner to contract proposals, inducing proposals that are then categorically rejected, insisting upon disclosures of financial data and suspending negoatiations absen such disclosures, and more.

As the NBC Sports story describes it:
The NFL believes that the union has engaged in "surface bargaining," along with tactics designed to avoid reaching an agreement before the CBA expires, so that the union can file antitrust litigation.
They better get things straightened out so the Steelers can make another run at seven!

HT Eric Meyer via Twitter for the link to the Complaint; and Donnell Thompson via Facebook for the NBC Sports story.

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  1. I was alarmed when the union decertified and disbanded with each of their own cases. I am glad that we had the 2011-2012 Season.