Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Raiders Cheerleader Files Wage and Hour Lawsuit

Give me an 'L'! Give me an 'A'! Give me a 'W-S-U-I-T'! What's that spell!? LAWSUIT! An Oakland Raiders cheerleader has filed a lawsuit (Complaint available here) asserting assorted California labor law violations.

The claims are generally wage and hour claims. The cheerleader alleges that she gets paid a flat fee per game, which does not add up to minimum wage. She cites factors such as required appearances, disciplinary fines, and required out-of-pocket expenses. She also claims that the Raiders don't pay them until January, which violates California law requiring timely payment.

You can read the Complaint for the full rundown but other claims include: failure to pay overtime, unlawful pay deductions, failure to provide wage statements, an unlawful restriction prohibiting discussion of wages, failure to provide meal breaks and breach of contract. She also appears to be filing on behalf of a class of Raider cheerleaders.

One interesting component of the Complaint is that it includes a Raiderette contract as an exhibit.

Now, I know what you're thinking - doesn't getting the opportunity to watch McMoxie up close in all of his glory constitute an affirmative defense of *overcompensation*? I don't know enough about California law to say for certain . . . .  but I'm guessing no.

Image: Oakland Raiders logo used in commentary on Oakland Raiders.

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