Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Volokh to WaPo!?

My apologies for departing from the usual employment law programming on this blog, but this is big news. One of the most popular law blogs has a new gig . . . Volokh Conspiracy is now part of the Washington Post!

You can see their new home here. Volokh features a number of law professors who provide insightful commentary on the (mostly) current legal issues of the day. It features three of my old George Mason profs (although David Bernstein is the only one I actually had for class).

Unfortunately, it will be behind a paywall (booooo), but not for six months (yaaaaayyyyy), but then you'll have to pay (boooooo), unless you access it via .edu or .gov domains, via RSS feed, or via Twitter (yaaaayyyyy).

This gives blawgers hope that their content may one day reach a large audience in the big leagues of mainstream media. No truth to the rumors that Lawffice Space is heading to the New York Times. Now excuse me while I go wait by the phone.

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