Monday, June 15, 2009

Ryan's "Family" Steakhouse Perhaps a Misnomer

The EEOC issued a press release today, June 15, 2009 detailing a $500,000 settlement with Ryan's Family Steakhouse. So, what landed Ryan's in hot water with the EEOC? Ohhh, let's see, according to the EEOC:
  • Black employees were terminated because of their race;
  • Managers referred to white employees who associated with black coworkers and family members as "n----r lovers" and "race traitors"; and
  • Male managers physically intimidated women, made sexual advances at them, and called them gender-based epithets, like "b-----s";
OK, finding out that this behavior is frowned upon by the EEOC is probably not earth-shattering news to you. I think it helps, however, to see the price tag that's associated with this kind of conduct. $500,000 is a pretty serious hit... especially for a "family" restaurant!

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